It’s been how long? The Royals’ take on a year of Coronavirus

The Royals
4 min readApr 8, 2021

A year ago we set The Royals a task to creatively respond to coronavirus. Exactly 12 months on, we’ve set a new Royals challenge — respond to the statement “coronavirus is now like … ‘. Here’s what we came up with.

Ken Sum


Coronavirus is now like…

Nervous as … it ain’t over yet.

- James from Finance


In one COVID-19 year I’ve…

  1. Spent 23 hours on the phone to Telstra being a crazy Karen.
  2. Gone through 200 rolls of toilet paper (don’t worry, I live with 5 others.
  3. Played over 100 games of Catan before landing on the winning strategy (no wheat = defeat).
  4. Spent 252 of the 356 days talking to my creative partner (on ya, Iz).
  5. Mapped out many imaginary holidays, including 1 to space.
  6. Formed an unhealthy obsession with McFlurries (Oreo + M&m + caramel sauce = the shiz).
  7. Had many epiphanies, like that 1.5 metres is the equivalent to the length of my body, minus my head.
  8. Scrolled through 100km of pointless but equally amusing TikTok vids.
  9. Walked every street in Parkville.
  10. Spent 1 too many Saturdays nights at home, on the couch, rewatching the The Twilight Saga (which has aged just as well as you would think).
  11. Listened to an embarrassing amount of the ‘Comments by Celebs’ podcast.
  12. Angrily muttered ‘how the f*#@ do I get out of here’ each time I visited IKEA.
  13. Successfully attended several meetings in my pink fluffy onesie.
  14. Discovered that ROSES (the Imanbek Remix obvs) was my no.1 Spotify track (#noregreats it’s a banger).
  15. Finally embraced Crocs as a wardrobe staple (it’s only taken me 25 years).
  16. Had several meaningful exchanges with Schapelle Corby over Insta DMs.
  17. Proudly raised a Sourdough starter.